Saturday, August 30, 2014

Partnership Offers

Hey everyone! Oz here. Over the past few days I've been looking for, and asking around, with the hopes of finding a willing server owner who would want a free host to run a Pocket Edition server as well as someone who'd want to host a FTB and/or Tekkit server.

Reason being is, I'd like to expand our audience to FTB/Tekkit and Pocket Edition players.

Anyone willing to accept my offer of a free host for either an FTB/Tekkit server, and a Pocket Edition server, feel free to email me at or respond to this post.

Q: How are donations handled?
A: All donations are physically handled through our website gateway, utilizing PayPal(or in the future, Wells Fargo). Any new donation packages/items must be approved and added by me personally to ensure quality. When a donation is processed, the action will be instantly performed in-game(such as giving an item or perk to a player) and the money and the server to which the payment was sent to, will also be recorded. A percentage of all payments will be put aside for future emergencies as well. Remaining money will be spent on providing new content, opening more slots for the servers, and paying the devs. More details will be posted to the blog.

Q: What's the catch?
A: The only "catch" would be the server is owned and operated by the Seclusive Craft network, therefore, the name of the server isn't up to the respective owner. All hosting would be free and the maintenance and uptime wouldn't depend on you. Anything illegal or against the Mojang EULA will also not be tolerated and personally changed.

Q: I have 0 experience, can I have a server?
A: We all started somewhere, but before I hand you a server I'd like to know the person I'm giving this power to has motivation, creativity and at least some experience.

Any questions, comments, and/or concerns can be directed to me, at I'll respond within 24 hours, and if not, please resend it.