Saturday, April 19, 2014

15 Plugins Deleted

We have removed 15 plugins, dubbed to be rewritten by me, with the help of the Denizen community and IRC.

Plugins removed:
  1. ColorMe
  2. CompassNavigation
  3. DoubleJumpPlus
  4. EQPanel
  5. Herochat
  6. HideHub
  7. HomeSpawnPlus
  8. HungerGames
  9. LegendaryMessages
  10. LikeMyBuilding
  11. MCCore
  12. PlayerPoints
  13. Quiver
  14. Stats
  15. TeleportSuite
Read more about why these have been chosen.
ColorMe simply implemented a prefixing system and color codes into the chat, while this option is easily configurable with Denizen in one simple chat replacement script.

CompassNavigation implements easy to use menus and guis, but since it's a plugin, I'd have to make another plugin to hook into it. Big drag, and this feature is in Denizen.

DoubleJumpPlus was cool, but laggy as shitalkymushrooms.

EQPanel was added to test some cool looking feature. It worked, but I found no use for it.

Herochat started throwing errors for absolutely no reason. Plus I had an idea for the chat that Herochat could not provide me with.

HideHub was added because I was too lazy to write a script for it. I'm writing a script for it. No lazy. :)

HomeSpawnPlus was in it of itself a great plugin to manage home spawning, etc. I wanted more functionality, thus I'm rewriting it in Denizen. Same goes for TeleportSuite.

HungerGames, lags the entire startup process, and started throwing errors with Herochat. I couldn't add anything I wanted to it. So, screw it. I'm writing my own :).

LegendaryMessages was a great plugin, even hooks into the bossbar, but I wanted flags(player/server specific variables) to be displayed as well like quests and whatnot, so that's why that was removed.

LikeMyBuilding clouded the server log, it loved to display debug info even when the option was set to false... Easy to implement a better system than it offered.

MCCore was added along with Factions when I was testing it out. Forgot to delete it.

PlayerPoints literally added 1 new currency flag... Only hooked into some other GUI plugin. Easiest plugin to rewrite.

Quiver, I thought it added the quiver texture to an item.... I was wrong.

Stats needed a MySQL database and also threw errors after a while of using it. I decided to just rely on Denizen's listeners. Plus I could hook into my listeners rather than rely on Stats' listeners.

TeleportSuite goes along with HomeSpawnPlus' reasons for deletion.