Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Pre-Release Not Release

Since the server has a small audience currently backing it, I think it's fair to release it in an alpha state. Meaning there will be bugs, there will be downtime, and the player count will be small. Once we feel all the major features have been added, the most crucial bugs fixed and hosting no longer a problem, then it will turn to the beta phase.

 In the beta phase we'll start a Kickstarter campaign to help with the costs of the server and website's premium hosting, we'll add more gamemodes/minigames/features based on popular demand, and implement a feature I want to add that I alone can't create.

As a status update, I have the autoranking mechanism almost complete, the permissions are nearing perfection, and the petshop is on it's way. The spawn is about 85% done, building wise, and 60% done script/NPC wise. The world will have chunk bugs as it's a 1.8 world converted down to 1.7.x. Sorry.

Hope to see you online.

View from inside the restaurant.