Monday, October 13, 2014

Proxy & Cross-server Data Traffic Update!

Seclusive Craft servers list:
  • Initial Proxy - controls the motd and cross-server traffic. (BungeeCord)
  • Realm of Authentication - controls server registration, password storage, email storage, the unimplemented email verification system, takes attack load, and blocks main server entry with a terms of service portal. (Spigot)
  • Realm of Connectivity - hooks into many of the overworld's features such as the friends/party/town/nation system, also hooks into the pets system, and controls all inter-server portals.
  • Realm of Endurance - our main survival/town/nether/end server that boasts the most features such as deeply integrated rank up system, a party system, efficient chat channeling, advanced NPC AI, unlockable pets, a magic system, and a boatload of custom magic scrolls, food, and miscellaneous items.
  • Realm of Creativity - a multi-tiered server that connects all 3 levels of creative mode plot worlds.