Monday, July 7, 2014

Future Planning

Planned minigames are:

  1. A variant of Skywars.
  2. A variant of Survival Games.
  3. Traditional Spleef.
  4. Mob arenas.
  5. Parkour maps.
Planned Gamemodes:
  1. Infinite dungeon crawler mode.
  2. Skyblock/Aether survival mode.
  3. Traditional creative mode.
  4. Easter egg, adventure map mode.

On a more serious note, I am being forced from a home-hosted setup to a cloud-based one. I have exactly 2 weeks (July 20th) to do something with the physical server, be it sell it, or continue using it at a different location, or migrate to a monthly rented server.

As a reminder, all world data will NOT be saved until July 10th. Reason being is I am still adding more to the spawn and also because the rest of the world has bugs, such as deformed trees and tree-less chunks. No it's not supposed to be like that, so I'll be importing the spawn are into the same seed world, only generated correctly.