Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Beta Release

The beta release will be on July 10th. Preferably all bugs will have been sorted out by then and the overworld will be complete and ready to use.

Of course, new features will be added, and minor bugs fixed, but the new features will be as bug-free as we can make them since we will test them out before releasing them.

So to summarize: the server will stay down until July 10th, it will go back up at 6pm, and there will be no more bugs(hopefully).

As a sidenote, I am re-scripting the entire ranking system. The current one wasn't very flexible and was limited. The new system will compose of ranks pertaining to individual tools and weapons and will track their use. Rank-ups will award the player with unlocked enchantments and custom commands(that do cool stuff).

Hope to see you all online July 10th and thanks for bearing with me through the alpha process :)