Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Released When It's Ready

The server is not ready. The NPCs take a really long time to script. Each one has to be specifically done right. And we have about 30 on the server. The NPC marketplace will also be totally worth the wait. For sticking with this bullsh*t for so long, everyone who's IP has ever visited this blog at least once will get a free pet of their choosing.

When the server is released it will have:

  1. A fully functioning marketplace.
  2. Animated and realistic townspeople.
  3. A fully functioning pet shop.
  4. One basic custom minigame.
  5. A basic creative world.

Sorry for the wait, I'm not the fastest, most efficient scripter, nor do I have 0 mistakes in my code... It takes it's toll in the form of error messages.

I don't want to give another "estimated" time of release because I don't want to miss it, yet again... but I'll be working non-stop as I have been doing and will try my hardest to get it released before the end of July, that's what I'm shooting for. No promises though.