Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Features, Bugs, & Revisions Update #2

New Features:
  1. Rank categories such as: unarmed, shovel uses on dirt/sand/gravel, shovel kills, axe uses on wood objects, axe kills, pickaxe uses, pickaxe uses on ores, pickaxe uses on stone objects, sword kills, flint and steel uses, bow kills, hoe uses, hoe kills, and fish caught, will all be listened for by the autoranker and rank you up and change your name tag accordingly.
  2. Admin can now sudo users.
  3. Admin can now edit and view players' inventories.
  4. The ender dragon will now re-generate.
  5. Being able to place water in the Nether is now permission based.
  6. Skull turrets have been added and successfully hooked into the efficient crafting table plugin.
  7. Spawners can be moved with a silk touch pick.
  1. The automatic rank/name tag displayer has been written and is linked to the autoranker.
  2. The server will now display a fake plugins list, which is shorter and summarizes the actual list.
  3. An anchoring system for NPCs is being built into the blacksmith and will be used for all NPCs at a later time.
  4. The autoranker now supports commands to be run via console upon a rank-up. Not just the addition of permission nodes.
  5. The tab list will now show what day it is as well as the amount of players online.
  6. The tab list will show your current rank, the one next to your nametag.
  7. Admin, mods, and the owner all have different color name tags to tell them apart.
  8. Worlds and plugin data will now be saved quietly and more usually
  9. Clearlag will not remove items unless the TPS of the server dips below 15.
  10. Damage counters now drift slowly upwards.
  11. Special effects will now play when you rank up an ability.
  12. The chat has been re-formatted to include nation+town names just town names or none at all.
  13. The dev shop is now accessible via a command and a permission node.
Bug Fixes:
  1. Access to teleportation is now checked before each teleportation related command.
  2. The login system was stripped to the basics. The logged in variable is now saved upon login, so even if I reload you'll stay logged in.
  3. The "logged in from another location" bug has been prevented.
  4. A known Lockette related bug has been added to the automessager.
  5. The entire respawn screen has been disabled due to ghosting.