Friday, July 11, 2014

Features, Bugs, & Revisions Update

New Features:
  1. Trading with another player is now done by simply clicking the other player, or by doing /trade <>.
  2. All blocks and items have descriptions, listing where it's likely found to generate, what tool to use, if silk touch is required, and any additional info. (I had to look up each item/block, so make good use of this feature xD)
  3. Automatic turrets are being implemented. They feed off a chest placed near them filled with ammo such as arrows, fire charges, & snowballs.
  4. A crafting table like in the Xbox edition or PE version has been implemented. It lists all available recipes in a table, then allows you to click them and it crafts it for you.
  5. The obvious /sethome & /home have been added. Sorry guys xD.
  6. The other obvious /rules command has been added and stocked with rules(Not too many, I swear).
  1. Ranks will not show up in chat. Rather, they will appear next to your nametag above your head. Town names will still appear in chat.
  2. The server plugin list will no longer be accessible. Safety reasons :).
Bug Fixes:
  1. The reload bug + login system has been supposedly fixed, although it glitched out just now...